16 March 2007

saturday: return demo on catheterization, seen so many vaginas and penises that day (plastic lang hinoon.haha). performing cpr, baby bathing and how to change the baby's clothes and diaper (waaaa!!! di pagyud ko kapasar mag minyo!haha! ;p), went home and played one game (tournament). we won 8-2. sayang! ambisyon unta mig loveset kay gi loveset among team pag morning. grrr...

sunday: didn't go to school in the morning because I had a game vs. green team, we lose (almost had an arguement w/ my partner kapitana at the end of the game - her fault, she wants me to just return the ball. sayang! grabe nako ka lingaw sa mga games pag buntag! akoi president sa cheering team. bibo kaayo mi! go blue!hehe! went to school after lunch for our COPAR culmination ( where we conducted nursing intervention and health education with 5 puroks. went to an apartment with the group for a project (I get to do the site map, since I'm the architect of the group, hehehe), had so much fun wit' the group, galen was there too (kun usahay kapoyan kog drive ba, hehe. bilar xag apil.tnx part.). went home at 12 midnight. we were really exhausted but sulit sa kalingaw!Ü

monday (my fave day of the week): na, just played tennis early morning w/ gg (pustaanay coke ug linat-ang baka! yum yum! pamahaway). just stayed home in the afternoon, for a change. ;p

tuesday: hmmm...asa man kog tuesday ha, ako rang na dumduman duwa ko buntag, where was I last tuesday???can't remember.hehe

wednesday: tennis in the morning. had a drinking spree wit friends at my x's house, with gg and atan. they went home after lunch. spent whole day at their house. I went home at 5pm. adto dayon mi nila mommy sa capitol to watch the fountain...I'm glad they were amazed.Ü mura dawg naa states.hehe...

thursday: went to a birthday party. kita mi wit' my other x. inum. inum. inum...ambot pila nato ka case na redhorse dagko. ubay2x man sad to. I'm wit my barkada (john, ate evs, mildred, gg). naigo sad ko adto, so galen drove the car going to capitol, while I drove home after. went home at 11pm. gabii na kaayo na ngaris among bukid! hehe! hapit sad diay ko naigog kilat...mygani hinan-aw ug action, nakalihay rako. mao to, didto ni padung sa water district, karon wa mi tubig. 5 days padaw maayo.paeta!tsk!

friday(today): just got home from a b-day party, saw the PBA's san miguel team (they'll have their game vs. i forgot the other team tomorrow at MCC. duwa ko ganiha, adto pud maranding. gikapoy kog drive oi....mytag naa na koi driver oi...hehehe (mao gamit au ako x.wahaha!). prob ani asa ko maligo ugma. tsk. championship tomorrow after ako exam. excited nako! I'll keep my fingers cross! mytag kadaog mi oi. maninood ngyud ko ani ugma! ;) g'night!Ü

tournament here in baroy will end this coming sunday... and an opening for another summer tournament next week ...at our club. woohoo! excited nakooooo!!! and oh! NMRAA is fast approaching too, that would mean we get to play and meet some regional players during their practice at our tennis club!Ü

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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