3 March 2007

pildi napud...paet!

we had a game yesterday, and it's like going to a battle with 300 men over a thousand. it wasn't fair. I have beginner partners! a very sweaty game... I ran like crazy.haha! but at least my first serve was about 40% accurate... hehe.Ü it's a nice game, a good one. but I had to complain to the organizers why was I given beginner partners when the other teams have good deals with their partnership. it so wasn't fair. so they decided to give me a better partner. kapitana! hehe... at least I wouldn't have to worry everytime I play. wouldn't have to worry supporting an always in distress partner. hah! at last justice has served me and the blue team! I have a game this afternoon... at least I'm a bit confident now.Ü

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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