4 March 2007

undying flicks 02

year: 1991

genre: romance, drama , true story, biography

tagline: the inspiring true-life adventure of a courageous young rebel who defied the odds...and won.

plot: the true story of heroine Sonora Webster, a determined young rebel who leaves her colorless backwoods home in Georgia to answer a newspaper ad for diving horse girls.

Sonora: I can do it because I can do anything!

Al: Why did you never answer any of my letters?
Sonora: I never got any letters.
Al: Well, I wrote you just about everyday.
Sonora: What did you say?
Al: Stuff.
Sonora: What kind of stuff?
Al: Well... you know... stuff!

-I could never forget this movie. this is one of my fave flicks. got me head over heels inlooove. I've been searching for a copy of this film. I've search it in the net, I saw a dvd for sale... but can't buy one... credit card's already cut-off... birthday gift...anyone? hehe... ;p

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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