30 March 2007

luminous star

you came to me at sunset
with your eyes streaked with tears
I reached for your hand while you wept

I didn't dare asked what happened
I was afraid to take the risk
I waited for your trembling voice
as the air doubted with mist

you told me that you love her
you told me that you care
you just couldn't take the hurt
the pain was too much to bear

but she loved somebody else you know
someone you can never be
there's nothing you can do
but your heart couldn't set her free

you said there'll never be another
but you couldn't let her know
it's not worth the loss of your friendship
you're afraid to let it show

tears starts welling up again
it's too much of a burden
you asked for my strongest advice
as you watched with your hopeful eyes

I looked at you with understanding
a turmoil in my heart
my hands pressed yours with sympathy
my feelings were torn apart

"wait for twilight, I told you gently
and try to stare afar
look at the luminous sky above
and wish your name on a star

all you can do is wait and see

you'll know if she's here to stay
if she doesnt, then turn your back
and be ready to face the coming day

I know it'll hurt, the wound will be deep
but time heals, it doesn't stay long
just remember the scar will always be there
to remind you of the past long gone"

your face lit up, I couldn't help but smile
ignoring the turmoil inside
you saw light, hope splitting in the dark
as you bade a greatful goodbye

as I watched you walked away
still hoping you would hear
I wept in silence as I stood outside
my eyes red with sadness and fear

the sunsethad passed, twilight is here
I tried to stare afar
looking at the luminous sky above
and wish your name on a star

- anonymous

saw it in my old notes. I can't remember where I got this... it's an 8 year old notebook full of mushy stuff I wrote.

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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