9 March 2007

summer is here!

taking a walk from my bf's to the tennis court. init!

I don't know what my dream last night was, but I sure didn't woke up at the wrong side of the bed...I felt good! I was excited without even knowing what was I excited about. I texted my bestfriend, and I told him I was happy for the first time since someone came in his life. and he was happy for me too. maybe it was the independence I have now, the freedom (just broke up wit' my bf of 6 mos). knowing no one would tell me what to and what not to do. or I just felt the rush...the summer heat... the sun and the sky... inviting... saying the beach is now open for beach bums like me. but this summer is a new phase... for the first time I won't be spending it wit' the boys in cebu, it's summer here in lanao. a new kind of summer... summer here for me is tennis tournaments, chilling out at my x-bf's house and watching the 3 ostriches just across the street in their porch, butong!, kinilaw!, inum (as usual), going places, taking pictures, appreciating views (here in our province which I am very thankful that I live here all my life), summer flings, invitational tournaments from other towns, boys, hanging out with my dogs, driving around with my car, hanging out wit' my parents, and hanging out wit' my new circle of friends. I just love summer!Ü

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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