15 February 2007

a forgotten passion

who would have thought I would be going back to my forgotten passion... tennis. I've stopped playing for quiet a time. well it became an on and off relationship with me and this sport- playing once a year, playing during the USC intramurals only, getting a medal, then off my racket went to the closet when intrams was over. left forgotten. 9 years. I lost interest with it when I became obsessed with college- friends, alcohol, traveling and someone new. years of fun, misery, love, hate...golden years I should call it. my sport left unnoticed...unloved. I could still remember when I started playing when I was 10yrs. old. I played with my cousins (mic-mic and pj yu - went off to be mountaineers and bikers. talking 'bout mic2x being the president of the USCM way back and pj being the rider of the year 2006 on downhill biking. whew!), we used to have tennis clinics with super A trainers every summer until highschool. we played from 6 a.m. til the sun dropped. beat that! haha! we had been regional players representing our town. well that was when we were still in highschool because we found out that college was much better! much, much better! haha! and there goes our tennis career... doomed. now that I have graduated, I went home in our hometown, I spent my days regaining, picking the pieces that I have forgotten. friends, art, my parents , and of course a passion waiting. inviting. opening a new chapter in my life. so powerful. a passion I never thought I'd be seeking. a passion I was again drawn. a passion I was back being so addicted... my greatest passion. my sport. Tennis.

and now I'm playing invitational tennis commercials and tournaments in the province. thanks to the Capitol Tennis Club! glad to be back! *wink!*

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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