26 February 2007

bad start

tournament started yesterday, had a game (doubles) at 3:00 pm...yes 3 o'clock, that's playing under the scorching heat of the sun! arrgghhh!!! and guess what, we lose. I have no one to blame but me, I lost interest playing, I had to play with so much control for the team because my partner's faulty. yes...she's good in netting alright, but she's hell bad at the base line. and my team were shouting to just return the ball...plus galen didn't show up, so I snapped! my mind was spinning. I don't know how to play the game anymore. from 3-1 (we were leading) it ended 8-6 (they won), too bad! the team were so damn disappointing. If only I could shout back at them that the game was a tournment...not a commercial which involves money. but anyways, it's a good game. a nice one... I'll just play good this weekend vs. green team.Ü this team we'll win.Ü

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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