15 February 2007

" "

am I a rebel to say this
"fuck the world for they don't help"

am I a black sheep to say this
"fuck my parents for they don't care"

am I the antichrist to say this
"fuck the lord for he doesn't exist"

am I a traitor to say this
"fuck my friends for they just all laugh"

am I a criminal to say this
"fuck all the people for they don't understand"

am I a psychopath to say this
"fuck myself for I don't have the strength"

am I your friend that you listen to my plea
or am I a stranger
that you've never want to see

am I a judge to interfere your life

or am I God
the carrier of death,disorder and strife

what am I...where am I...

who am I...


and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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