3 April 2007

wooohoo! I won...again!

"mai, gud eve.. mi daog nasad ka krn noh? mi gwas man ang 280 mai..."

I received a txt message last night from marlon, my nursing classmate who gave me 2 swertres combo, the same person who gave me the winning no. 363 which I won 1,200... now I won 8000 minus one 0 (hehehe). it's a small amount but I badly need it. actually I only get to have 600. because I gave the 200 as barato to my aunt n' uncle. la lang, I just feel I wanna share this blessing. I just lose 500 pesos this week betting on tennis commercial games. so bawi ra akong daog karon. sugarol na ko? not really... I'm not serious with this stuff. kung maka dumdum ra. I was in the tennis court last night when Marlon texted me. I really can't believe it, I never thought I'll win. actually he gave me 5 winning combos but I never took it seriously... all these numbers won. datu na unta ko ron...paet! so marlon...this post is for you. thanks for giving me cash - in indirect ways! hehehe!Ü

swerte ang mobasa sa akong blog. 855. bet on this no. daog napud ni. goodluck!

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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