13 August 2008

oh boy! ever since I saw the new mini-cooper-inspired suzuki swift 2008 last night while watching the filipino version of the koreanovela My Girl, I couldn't get the cute little car out of my mind anymore, the truth is my heart was suddenly fixed on it, so assuming I could afford it, I googled it on the net half praying it wouldn't go beyond the 1M price. and true enough the 1.3 litre engine 4WD gave me high hopes. it's about 800 thousand bucks. so I asked my mom about it, I even told her that we'll just sell dad's old car so we can buy a new one, but as expected she reluctantly said no. she said I should earn it myself... hahay. well I guess I just have to shake this thing off before I could think of a dirty scheme like robbing the first valley bank just right beside our house. hehe... so there goes my dream car gone as swift as suzuki swift! ;p

I'll just buy a mini cooper when I'll be inserting IV's in London or better yet New York as soon as I pass the board exams. wink! wink!*

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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