11 August 2008

I was looking through not-so-old photographs and I realized there are a lot of things that I missed.
I miss the port and the sea coast
I miss that big log and river that I had my shots in kolambugan
I miss having picnics
I miss taking pictures
I miss being an artist
I miss the sunrise and sunsets
I miss flapping my feet in the water and just sit around all day hearing it splatter .
I miss diving from a big rock right into the blue sea.
and I realized that I miss one person that does everything she wanted...
I miss one happy sunny girl that appreciates the details of
every day...
I miss that girl standing right in front of me in the mirror...

I miss everything about me...


photo: egay and I in landing, kolambugan.
labels: missing bliss

and at the end of this journey, my wonderful story begins...

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